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Characteristics Of A Good Web Design

Usability and utility, not actual visual design, are the two main factors that contribute to the success of a website. The user-centric design has now become synonymous with highly successful, profit-centered web design. Essentially, Web Design Los Angeles take time to understand fully how users tend to think. Most web users deeply appreciate quality and credibility. If a page offers top-notch content, users can bear with a floppy design.

This is the main reason why well-designed sites that provide high-quality content always manage to access colossal traffic. You have to be aware that web users are instant gratification driven. If your site cannot meet the demands of your users, then it is a big failure.

The larger the cognitive load and the less intuitive the navigation, the less likely a user will spend more than 3 seconds on your website. Users yearn for optimal control over the browsers and expect consistent data presentation. They don’t want unexpected windows popping up now and then.

A good web design

1. Don’t try to make your users think

Your website should be very obvious and self-explanatory. You need to do away web designwith the question marks in the mind of your users. These are simply the decisions they will have to make based on the information you provide.

If the navigation and site structure are not intuitive, the number of these question marks tend to rise. This makes it difficult for the user to understand how your system works, or even how to get to point 1 from point 2.

One of the best characteristics of a good web design is a clear site structure, sufficient visual clues and easily discernable links.

2. Don’t exacerbate your users’ patience

Whenever you feel inclined to present a service or tool to your website’s users, try to keep the requirements down. The less action required from them to test a service; the more likely they will eventually try it out.

Avoid the filling and submission of lengthy forms at all costs. Let your users explore your site and discover your services, without having to brow-beat them to provide private information.

3. Use efficient writing

As web content is different from print content, it is vital to adjust your writing style to suit your users’ preferences and browsing tendencies.

Long blocks of text lacking images and keywords not in bold will certainly be skipped. Instead, use short, concise wording, scannable layouts, and objective language.

4. Strive forsocial icon simplicity

Finally, one of the most crucial characteristics of a good web design is simplicity. Keeping it simple ought to be the primary objective of any web design worth its salt. Users rarely visit sites just to revel in the visual design.

Rather, they are on the lookout for viable information. The best design principle is pure texts, devoid of ads and additional content not relevant to the queries users utilize to find your website.