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a glass bong

Buying The Right Bong For You

If you are thinking of getting a new bong to satisfy your smoking needs, then you have made a good decision. There are several reasons to have a new unit. It does you not matter whether you are okay with a new bong, each unit can be used for party functions. The following are some of them:

  • Your piece has just broken
  • You are tired of cleaning it
  • Got some extra bucks
  • Need to upgrade from the old pipe
  • Need of a new bong with advanced features

Even without thinking about vaporizers, steam rollersmokings, chillums, pipes, and other gadgets used for smoking, finding good bongs can be quite overwhelming. Nowadays, there are a lot of varieties you can choose from that include glass, ceramic, acrylic/plastic, wooden, and much more. It is true glass classic, but a material, which is very difficult to use.You can compare bongs at inhale labs to get the right one. Some materials such as plastic are cheap but still effective.

Buying right bong

Purchasing a bong is mainly an issue of personal preference. Moreover, understanding the different existing options takes a lot of years and exposure. Fortunately, you can read reviews and articles from experts that can take you to the right direction. Will be using it as a personal piece or will it be used by your friends when hanging out? Some of the things you also need to consider include whether you will take it for road trips and the cleaning process. Such factors should influence your decision-making process.

Factors to consider

Lung capacity

You are ba glass bonguying a glass bong for the first time; you should take into account your lung capacity. For instance, if you purchase one with a lot of percs, you will not be satisfied. If it does not fill the chamber with smoke, you will not be the maximizing potential of your unit. In fact, it should fill the chamber, and you should clear it in a single hit. Measurements of mouthpiece and chamber impact how your bong smokes.


Usually, big bongs are known to break easily. They also take a lot of room. However, they are great to hit. Before buying one, ensure you have adequate space to store it. This will reduce its chance of breaking. If you do not know how to drop ice onto ice-catcher, you can easily break your piece. Leaving the bong in the garage or living room, you increase chances of breaking it.