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Different Types of Hair Removal Epilators

The epilator is a simple electrical gadget that is used for hair removal. It operates on a mechanical principle of grasping hair simultaneously and then pulls them together out. There exist a list of different types of epilators in the market today. These epilators have a plethora of features that ensure every user’s need are captured. The choice of the best epilator you use will, therefore, depend on your desired need, taste, and fashion.

Types of epilators

The spring typeface

As the name suggests, this epilator designed in such a manner that it has an incorporated coil spring. This spring is formed in a curvy shape such that all coils on one part of the springs are squeezed tightly. Coils on the other parts are left spread out. The motor of the epilator rotates the spring thus causing its move as it is rotated.

Rotating disk type

This type of an epilator is made to operate the same way as the spring epilator. The only difference between the two is that instead of it having the spring, it has a series of metallic disks.

The tweezer type

This typical epilator is an improvement of the rotating disk type epilator. In the modern designs, the rotating disk type epilator has been modified such that the disk plates are not complete disks. The modern epilator head is incorporated with many metallic plates which are placed in a plastic casing.

The rare of these plates can be opened on both sides or one side of the closure. The plates tip moves together and then apart in a revolution as the heads rotates. The movement fashion eventually creates a kind of tweezing effect. This comes as a result hairs being pulled between the plates as they rotate.

Wet use epilatorsepilators

Most of the epilators we have today in the market have a rechargeable battery built in them. The batteries used here are designed as either dry or wet. These epilators are built so that they can be used either with water or not. You can be free to use it with optional gel or cream. Use of gel or cream is presumed helpful in reducing irritation and pain that is encountered when using the devices when they are dry.