Bow Sights Used In Archery

Being a high powered sport, archery demands accurate shooting. To help in shooting accurately, one should consider using bow sights and other archery equipment. These bow sights have been used for a long time for both hunting and sports. Advancements in technology have made it possible to refine them. They include the peep sights, dot sights, and pin sights. They are adjustable and have laser technology to help pinpoint one’s target.

Types of Bow Sights

Pin archery sightsbow sights

These sights work with pins which when aligned correctly give an accurate sight point. Some glow in the dark to help one aim properly even in instances where the light is low. Some have up to seven pins which have micro-adjustable fiber optic pins to enhance precision and reliability.

Green dot archery sights

These use a green dot in the place of cross hairs. These green dots help line up the target. These sights are mainly used in hunting bows. They are also more versatile than the other archery bows.

Peep sights

These bow sights enable one to narrow their vision on the target. This is because they have a hole in a small ring.

Fiber optic sights

The most outstanding feature for these sights is their ability to lock. They can also compensate one’s sight for shots that are thirty-five yards away. They have fibers that are extra long and protected. For precise aligning these sights have double pin rails.

Choice of bow sight

The choice of any bow sight depends on the shooting one does. For hunting, one would go for a sight that is compact and light. This will help when it comes to movement across terrain that is rugged.

bow sightsIt is important to note that peep sights work together with pin sights to achieve a higher accuracy level. When it comes to choosing a peep sight one should go for the one whose peephole is bigger to allow more light to pass through. For those in shooting competition, one needs stability for proper shooting. This calls for having a heavier bow sight. Whichever choice one goes for, bow sights are meant to improve one’s accuracy.

Shooting Sights

For one to shoot accurately, anchoring in the same direction is necessary. One has also to look in the same spot in the peep sight for each shot. Holding the bow still and concentration are also essential when using these bow sights used for archery.