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The Art of Collecting Vintage Lamps

Collecting vintage lamps has become a thing nowadays as people are starting to realize how valuable the antique are. Collecting a vintage lampe is just among the the hobbies many people are adopting. There is certainly something special with lighting fixtures that people are so drawn into.

Not only are they highly functional but they are also stunning and elegant which can easily ease into a sophisticated home. Vintage lamps are very appealing to the eye that is probably why they have captured the hearts of people all around the world by storm!Vintage Lamps

There are different kinds of vintage lamps that can get you started with your collection. They are the banker’s lamps, vintage porcelain lamps, porch lamps, kerosene lights, brass floor lamps and Art Deco lamps.

Every single one of them has their special appeal. The vastness of your collection would depend on how much money you would want to spend. The most expensive vintage lamps are the ones that are very hard to find.

Types of vintage lamps

Torchiere lamp

It comes in a modern and contemporary nature so if you are just starting to build up your collection; it is not advisable to have it is like your first few pieces. The reason this is loved by so many is because it provides an indirect and ambient light that can easily beautify and light a whole room.

Vintage porcelain lamps

They use either electricity for working or oil. They are easily recognizable because they have a large globe located at its bottom and a smaller one on the top. They usually come with a floral design and are highly decorative in nature.

The banker’sthe banker’s  lamp lamp

They are pretty much all over the place because it has gained so much popularity from its beauty. A banker’s lamp is made of a brass base of either a blue or green lampshade, and you can find it in any lamp store. They are highly reproduced so you can get a hold of them easily. You also don’t need to spend quite the fortune with this one, so you get a lamp that holds its value.

Vintage lamps are the most interesting light fixtures ever created. Its beauty and style never fade making them a great investment. They are a lot of vintage lamps available in the market today just browse into the different kinds of vintage lamps and prepare to be mesmerized.