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Top Four Student Loan Consolidation Companies​

The new concept of student loan consolidation has seen a growing number of private institutions providing consolidation and refinancing of student loans. Today, many students are considering loan consolidation to enable them to manage their finances better. The students are in constant search of the best student loan consolidation companies. If you are one of the students looking to consolidate loans for better management, here are some of the best student loan consolidation companies to choose:


SoFi Inc.

SoFi appears on top of the list of the best private consolidation and refinancing companies providing a variety of loansservices to its customers. It offers APR rates of between 2.13 and 3.50 percent. In has varied loan types including variable rate loans and fixed rate loans.

It provides several refinancing terms ranging from five years, ten years, fifteen years, to twenty years. The company has a simple online application platform that enables applicants to know whether they qualify for loan consolidation and refinancing before completing the full submission. Those who can request for student loan consolidation and refinancing at this company are students undertaking undergraduate and graduate programs.

Citizens Bank

Second in the list is the Citizens Bank, which provides between 2.18 and 4.74 APR rates to students. It gives both fixed and variable loan types with terms ranging from five years, ten years, fifteen years, to twenty years. Eligible degrees include graduate and undergraduate. Citizen bank provides one of the best and friendly customer supports in the market with their online application platform as well as customer care desk.

Earnest (est)

Earnest features in the list of the top private loan consolidation companies due to its low APR rates. It provides between 2.13 percent and 3.50 percent similar to SoFi, hence providing the lowest APR rates in the market for you. It also gives both fixed and variable loan types as well as repayment terms of between five and twenty years. It also admits only the undergraduate and graduate degrees in its program.

U-fi, a Nelnet partnership

moneyThis private company offers student loan origination and servicing on behalf of its lender partners. It has simple, accessible, and easy to understand student loan refinancing options for both undergraduate and graduate students. Its APR rates are between 2.21 percent and 4.14 percent.

Unlike other student loan consolidation companies, U-fi provides loan repayment durations of between five years and 25 years in both the variable and fixed loan categories. Its services also include features such as cash back rewards, discount for good grades, and cosigner release options.

Based on this information, you can choose either of the listed consolidation companies for your student loan refinancing plan.