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3 Of The Most Important National Awareness Days In 2016

The idea behind the celebration of a national awareness day is to drum up attention towards a pressing issue that may involve anything from health to politics to food security.


It’s a very effective concept because in most cases, dozens of countries from all over the world participate.

When more people are aware about a certain issue especially one that is considered a human problem, the increase in attention will attract new ideas on how to find solutions.

There are dozens of national awareness days in 2016 but the three that are discussed below remain as some of the most important ones because of the issues they address.

  • World Cancer Day (February 4)

Most types of cancer are still incurable. Furthermore, statistics show that cancer is among causes of death all over the world.

With that said, World Cancer Day is very important because it aims to spread awareness about the disease and how to fight it. During these day, dozens of fund raisers are held to accumulate donations that will eventually be used for more rigorous cancer research.

In fact, a lot of the developments in cancer research were funded by donations generated during World Cancer Day.

  • earthEarth Day (April 22)

The main focus of this national awareness day is to support environmental protection.

As you should already know by now, climate change is a proven fact and that its effects are being observed worldwide. This is why climate change is usually one of the things that are discussed during this day.

Earth Day also calls for the preservation and conservation of the planet’s remaining forest covers and wildlife habitats. Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has played a major role in the drumming up awareness about the state of the planet.

  • World Food Day (October 16)

United StatesFood security is still a national problem in the United States. The situation is much worse in a global basis.

There are millions of families who simply don’t have enough to eat.

To put these problems in the forefront of discussions, the World Food Day was created.

The event has the full support of both the International Fund for Agriculture Development and the World Food Programme. In a nutshell, World Food Day is all about finding ways to both care for the earth and feed all its inhabitants.

These are three of the most important national awareness days in 2016.

The celebrations and discussions are not only concentrated in the United States but all over the world as well.



The Great Recession happened in the world economy less than ten years ago.

It was the most widespread and deepest downturn the world has experienced ever since the 1920-1930’s Great Depression.

SinceĀ 2008, when the stock market crashed the recovery process has been very slow and long. It experienced multiple challenging obstacles along the way.

However, there is still a successful improvement in the economy.

Over the past five years, the S&P 500 index gained more than 92%. It was during the second half of 2015 when the market saw a rapid turn for the worse.

This year, the S&P 500 index is currently 9% down since the beginning of 2016.

Unemployment rates in the United States have decreased dramatically. During the Great Recession, it was nearly at 10% but today it’s at only 4.9%.

Today, let’s take a look into some details.


The Great Recession in Europe was followed by the sovereign debt crisis. It is a persistent issue since Europe plays an important role in the world economy.

Extraordinary measures to implement quantitative ease with regards to the Eurozone is being made by the European Central Bank.

The PIIGS nations which includes countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Ireland have been repeatedly bailed out by the IMF and European Union.

The collapse of the euro currency will cause a widespread disadvantage in the entire world economy.

Recession is very likely to happen.


Over the past few decades, the Chinese economy has advanced in an outstanding progress. The Chinese GDP is considered second in the world to the United States.

A lot of economists believe that in the future, China could potentially overtake the United States. The government of China strictly imposes capital controls.

This is to ensure that their money is kept within their borders. As a result, when the Chinese middle class grows, they’re only given a few options to invest their new wealth.

Real estate and stocks have become very expensive.stock exchanges

The Chinese government is taking cautionary measures to prevent recession. In their desperate attempt to counter volatility, the country has implemented circuit breakers which would stop all trading in China if stock exchanges reach 7%.

Globally, we are on the verge of another potential recession. The Stock Market Crash 2016 data explains some causes which contributed to the current economic problems.

Economic data patterns are showing signs of weaknesses which could trigger the market to go further downhill.

Central banks these days have less control over their policies and strategies in preventing the occurrence of a recession. However, they are an inevitable part of the normal macroeconomic cycle within the world.

The last one we experienced happened seven years ago so there’s a high possibility that it could happen again very soon.